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Jill Valentine And Chris Redfield of ‘Resident Evil’ Make The Jump to ‘Fortnite’!

Well, that didn’t take long. Epic flipped the switch not long after we posted the original story, bringing Chris and Jill into Fortnite as...

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Jason Momoa’s Videos About Making ‘Dune’ in Jordan are Must See

"We went and found all these nooks & crannies… Really just got the feeling of being alone, and being out there…" Now playing in...

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Watch: ‘A Puff Before Dying’ – Marionette Don’t Smoke & Drive PSA

"I've seen what drugged up driving can do… You know what drug I hate the most?" So they finally made a sequel to Team...

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New Netflix Trailer for Acclaimed Mexican Film ‘Prayers for the Stolen’

"What do you think will happen when one of us is suddenly gone?" Netflix has debuted an official US trailer for the acclaimed Mexican...

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More Brains! Canadian Zombie Comedy ‘Brain Freeze’ Offical Trailer

"Golfing in the winter? The rich don't give a sh*t about the laws of nature." Brainsss!! Available to stream on Screambox now is this...

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