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TIFF 2020: ‘Shadow in the Cloud’ Creature Feature on a B-17 Bomber

One of my favorite things about film festivals is discovering exceptional filmmakers by stumbling upon their break-out features. This film is one of the...

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Watch: Awesome ‘Zatoichi vs Predator’ Fan-Made Mashup Short Film

"You… are not human." What the?!! This is so badass!! A Japanese filmmaker and VFX artist named Junya Okabe has finally released his homemade...

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A Psychopath vs Young Lovers in Trailer for Horror Film ‘Chop Chop’

"We need to go… Now." Gravitas + Kamikaze Dogfight have released an official trailer for an indie horror film titled Chop Chop, marking the...

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Official Trailer for Doc Film ‘The Phenomenon’ About UFO Cover-Ups

"All I could do is keep my mouth shut." 1091 Pictures has unveiled an official trailer for a documentary titled The Phenomenon, a film...

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TIFF 2020: ‘Another Round’ is One of Thomas Vinterberg’s Best Films

"The world is never as you expect." That's the truth, even when we don't want it to be. Originally selected as a 2020 Cannes...

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